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A visit to the Musée Automobile de Valencay

Valencay is home to one of the most elegant and exquisite castles in the Loire Valley. It was used by Napoleon's foreign minister, Talleyrand in the early 19th century.

Report on Musée du Poids Lourd (Museum of Heavyweights)

The Museum of Heavyweights (Museum du Poids Lourd) was set up by a group of local enthusiasts in 1982. After many twists and turns the collection moved to its current location in 2005.

A visit to the Musée Automobile de la Sarthe, LeMans

The annual Le Mans 24 hour race is probably the most famous and prestigious automotive event motoring history even recorded. Throughout its 78 editions the world has seen bright rises and bitter downfalls, tears of joy and frustration. The spirit of the marathon is everywhere in the little town and its surroundings – from the race dedicated monument in its very heart to the windows of small local shops. But if you want to feel the rich history of the famous race, there is no better place than Musee Automobile de la Sarthe located right on the edge of the circuit, in front of Dunlop Curve.

Deutsches Automuseum, Langenburg

The majestic Langenburg Castle lies not far from Highway No 6, on the way from Nürnberg to Heilbronn. It is signposted so you can't miss the way. Once you zig-zag up on the hill there's a parking lot, accompanied by the building of the Deutsches Automuseum (German Automobile Museum).

Automuseum C. Benz Söhne

We visited Winfried A. Seidel's excellent museum, which is situated in Ladenburg, near Mannheim in August, 2010.