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Museums in Luxembourg

National Museum for Historic Vehicles

The National Museum for Historical Vehicles is unique in Luxembourg. It shows the history of automobiles and the motorised transport in general, from the end of the nineteenth century. The former Jean Wagner car factory, which holds the collection, is a predestinated location for the museum, due to its architectural and technical heritage that dates back to the beginning of Luxembourg's automobile history. In addition to the exposition, you can also find archives, a specialised shop, a cafeteria and an equipped conference room.


Tramways and Bus Museum of the City of Luxembourg

The City of Luxembourg "Tramsmusée" is located in the buildings of the public transport service, on Rue de Bouillon, in the Hollerich district of Luxembourg-City. The Tram Museum has 2 tramway motor coaches in running order, 2 tramway trailers, a life-size replica of a horse-drawn tramway, two buses, a car for catenary maintenance, 22 scaled-down models on a scale of 1: 8, nearly 8000 photos, and a quantity of old equipment originating from the public transport network operation. In addition, some cars or buses are still waiting to be restored