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Museums in Bulgaria

Balkan Museum

Inside the renowned Balkan factory, which assembled Moskwitch cars, produced a self-designed car, several motorcycles and scooters there is a museum featuring everything the plant once produced. 


Cars of Socialism Museum, Peshtera

This museum is part of the Heat Hotel Complex and it is housed in an authentically preserved cinema, "which further contributes to the realistic feeling of being transported back to the time of Georgi Dimitrov and Todor Zhivkov.... Here you can see numerous retro cars from the socialist era and also many objects from the life of the people of that time, their toys, radios, TVs, numerous signs with slogans etc."

Moto-Pfohe Museum

A small exhibition depicting the story of Ford, which includes displays and three Ford cars:  two fully restored Ford Model A vehicles MY1928 and 1930, as well as the first car sold in Bulgaria by Mr. Karl-Heinz Pfohe in 1989, a Ford Scorpio MY1988.

Photo: Nikolay Koruderliev

Moto Pfohe

National Polytechnic Museum

Established in 1957 this museum preserves over 22 000 exhibits distributed in separate collections: time-measurement, transport, photo and cinema technique, optics, sound-tracking and sound-reproduction, radio and TV, calculation technique, musical mechanisms, geodesic instruments, measurement technique, household technique, sewing machines, type-writers, physical appliances, communication technique.

National Polytechnic Museum

Retro Car Museum Zlaten Rozhen

In October, 2022 a new attraction has been added to the elegant Zlaten Rozhen winery: a classic car museum!

On 600 sqm 33 cars and 21 motorcycles are displayed, including a Messerschmitt KR-200 1961, Steyr 50 1937, Ford T 1912, Mercedes-Benz 280 SEL 4.5 1972 W108, Packard Custom Super Clipper 1947, Pierce-Arrow 4-dr sedan 1929, Renault Monastella 1930, ZIS 110, Cadillac Fleetwood 75 Limousine 1958, Chrysler Windsor 4-Door Sedan 1947, Mercedes-Benz 300D Adenauer Cabriolet 1960..

Photo and information courtesy of Nikolay Koruderliev.

Музей на ретро автомобили „Златен Рожен“

Retro Museum

Located in the parking house of this biggest shopping mall in Varna, this exhibition includes exhibits from the period 1944-1989, which shows artifacts related to how Bulgarians lived under socialism. Bulgarian unfiltered cigarettes, Russian vacuum cleaners, Gedera household goods, Polish cosmetics and the most coveted cars, produced in the former COMECON are being displayed.