Latest reports

Visit to the Beograd Automobile Museum

In April 2013, as part of the Serbian Automobile Historians’ Conference in Beograd, we visited the local automobile museum. Luckily my friends from the Technical Museum in Zagreb were there before, so we did not get lost. The Museum lies in a quiet street, in a residential area. If you see a bunch of 1960s old cars behind a fence, you’re there. Otherwise there are just very small signs, so you can even walk by without noticing the building.

A report on the temporary Skoda Museum

While the Skoda Museum refurbishing went on Alexandeer Matveev checked out the temporary location....

A visit to the Deutsches Zweirad- und NSU-Museum in Neckarsulm

If you take the E50 highway from Mannheim to Nürnberg, you better plan to plan for a lot of stopovers. There's the magical Technical Museum in Sinsheim, the motor racing museum at the Hockenheim ring - more on these later on.

But if you're into motorcycles, the official NSU history museum coupled with the German two-wheeler collection is a must-see in Neckarsulm. It is signposted from the highway and very conveniently located.

A visit to the Caramulo Museum

Caramulo is a quiet city on top of a hill in the heart of Portugal. Our friend, Tibor Ács visited its most famous attraction, the local automobile and art museum.

A visit to the Riga Motor Museum

Our good friend, Alexander Matveev recently paid a visit to the Riga Motor Museum in Latvia. For many years it was renowned for its Auto Union Grand Prix race car, but there are many other interesting automobiles and motorcycles being shown.

It is the largest "antique auto" museum in the Baltic countries, with over 200 cars, motorcycles, bicycles and stationary motors - many of which are unique to the Museum and not found anywhere else.

When you get close to the building, you can see the level of attention - the facade resembles a Rolls-Royce grille.