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See 250 Rare Cars From The Petersen Automotive Museum Vault

These are some dark times for the automotive industry as the coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on car production and sales, consequently forcing automakers to send workers home. Museums are also directly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, but thanks to the Internet and YouTube, we can still visit them via virtual tours automakers have promptly set up. The Petersen Automotive Museum is also playing its part by allowing us to take a good look at its eclectic collection straight in the comfort of our own homes while we’re all waiting for the museum to open its doors once again. This hour-long tour goes through some of the Vault’s highlights, starting off with a horse-drawn 1904 Studebaker carriage sitting alongside a 1903 Cadillac equipped with a one-cylinder combustion engine to signal the early days of North American car production.
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