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Museums in Japan

Asama Memorial Museum

Once home to motorcycle hillclimb races, the picturesque Asama hill is a sacred place for local motorsport enthusiasts. For many years the Asama Volcano Museum had a hall devoted to historical racing bikes. In 2020 it was closed. A year later the Memorial Museum was relocated and reopened on the site of the Asama Ranch Shop.


Daihatsu Humobility World

Daihatsu opened this collection in 2007 as part of its centenary celebration. Here people can learn while having fun with a focus on hands-on displays under the themes of "people-friendly" and "earth-friendly" automobile manufacturing. The four-story steel structure with a floor area of 2,900m2 is located adjacent to the Daihatsu Head Office in Ikeda city, Osaka Prefecture.


Fukuyama Auto & Clock Museum

This is an “experience-based” museum based on the slogan, “Ride, Watch, Touch, Take Pictures." The exhibits include an old three-wheel car (Batanko) from the 1930s - 1940s, motor-assisted bicycles, Japanese clocks with the temporal hour system of the Edo era, wax dolls, music boxes, three-wheeled charcoal carts, an airplane, a rickshaw, a carriage, Japanese cars, and foreign classic cars by Packard, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Ford, Chevrolet, etc.


Hiroshima City Transportation Museum (Numaji Museum)

Hiroshima City Transportation Museum offers a place to learn about planes, ships, trains, and cars of all times and places, through some 2,000 models. Visitors will get a huge, 20-meter-diameter panoramic view of near-future modes of urban transportation, and will be able to search for information using the computer. The museum also offers driving simulation and special video images. In the open-air square, visitors can try out the "Funny Bikes", uniquely shaped bicycles that they ride in unique ways. This museum provides a completely new type of fun.


Honda Collection Hall

Honda's own collection is housed at the Twin Ring Motegi track. The Hall, which displays approximately 350 restored motorcycles, automobiles, power products and racing machines, illustrates the history of Honda and the technologies that Honda has developed over the years.