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Museums in Italy

Agricultural Tractor Museum 'Giulio Angelelli'

Francesco Angelelli and his family has collected a beautiful and curious collection of tractors and classic cars. It is located inside the Acquarossa park, which is a "a leisure park, ideal place for children and adults... Inside the park you will find a scenic circular route that will guide visitors through the landscape of gently rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves and lakes and the activities and resources that Mr Angelelli was able to patiently create and grow until today".

Museo del Trattore Agricolo ‘Giulio Angelelli’

Agusta Museum

MV Augusta was a famous Italian motorcycle brand. It also produced helicopters - today it is part of AugustaWestland. This museum which was opened in 2002 features various motorcycles, including Giacomo Agostini's championship-winning bikes and a few helicopters, alongside photos, posters etc.

Museo Agusta

Alfa Romeo History Museum

Museo Alfa Romeo tells the legendary story of the brand, via a project and an installation designed to reflect its values: historical presence, beauty and speed, an essential part of the Alfa Romeo Dna. As the visitors admire car after car, they travel through the company’s glorious history and also discover stories and curious facts with the help of videos, images and interactive access points, in a crescendo of emotions.


Anzio Beachhead Museum

The Anzio Beachhead Museum is devoted to the Allied amphibious landing on 22 January 1944, along the coastline between Anzio and Nettuno, in Italy. The museum opened in 1994 for the 50th Anniversary of the landing. It comprises four sections: American, British, German and Italian. The exhibitions feature authentic uniforms, badges, documents, pictures, other artefacts and a few motorized vehicles donated by veteran organisations.

Armed Forces Museum

In Montecchio, near Vicenza, the Venetian city there is an interesting museum dedicated to the Italian, German and American military vehicles used in the first and second world wars. A living and exciting history book to document the stark reality of conflicts.

Museo delle Forze Armate