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Museums in France

"Aventure Peugeot" Museum

The museum was founded on the initiative of the association "L'Aventure Peugeot", founded in 1982. Its president, Pierre Peugeot, set his main missions at that time to identify and bring together the different types of manufactured products since 1810 under the Peugeot brand, to take part in events concerning old vehicles or to organize meetings of old cars, in particular.


2CV Museum

The 2 CV has its museum! Come discover or rediscover an automobile that has now become legendary. Produced in more than 7 million units from 1948 to 1990 (all derivatives combined), the 2 CV has enjoyed an exceptional career and has already celebrated its 70th anniversary. It has had time to travel all the roads in the world, conquer all social classes and seduce the hearts of millions of drivers.

2 CV

2CV Museum

The Alsace 2CV Club set up this museum in 1998 which illustrate the history of one of the greatest People's Car of all time - the Citroën 2CV. There are a lot of different variants, derivatives and specials - all of them displayed "as is" and the public can see the evolution of the 2CV and its derivatives during the 42 years of production.


3M Museum

Musée Moto Mode Militaire (Motorcycle, Fashion and Military) features Claude Tiano's eclectic collection ranging from the early 1900s to the 1960s

AFCVM Museum "The Price of Freedom"

The Association Française des Collectionneurs de Véhicules Militaires (French Association of Military Vehicle Collectors) set up this museum in Dreux. Apart from a magnificent collection of old military vehicles, it contains a "duty of memory" sector dealing mainly with with the Allied landings on June 6, 1944, but also the Battle of Normandy, including a tragic episode which took place in Dreux.

AFCVM-Musée Le Prix De La Liberté

Agricultural and Automobile Heritage Museum of Salviac

In Quercy, at the gates of the Périgord noir, come and discover a huge collection of machines and tools restored by a passionate about authenticity, Benoît Jouclar and his team of volunteers. On a surface of 6000m2, a collection of more than 250 tractors, 150 cars and utility vehicles, 200 two-wheelers (motorcycles, bicycles, etc.), a thousand pieces and objects to discover in their period environment.