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Visit to the PS Speicher collection

In May, 2021 we had the chance to spend two days at the PS Speicher collection in Einbeck, Germany. It is claimed to be the biggest motoring museum in Europe with over 2500 vehicles. If you want to see everything, it is advised that you really allocate at least two days for a visit. And it can be a family affair. The main building, a former corn processing plant offers a curated view of motoring history with interactive visual aids, information tables and thematic exhibits. And then you can spend as much time as you can devote to the depots. The commercial vehicle depot alone offers a fantastic selection of trucks, minivans, buses, caravans etc. from all over the world and from all ages. And then there is the minicar depot with the famous collection of the former Störy museum. I am not particulary interested in motorcycles, but there is a depot full of these two wheelers as well. And then there is the "big cars" depot with plenty of Mercedes, BMW, Adler and other German brands such as Stoewer.

And here and there you can spot some really rare stuff, like one of the Batman cars, a Soviet LuAZ, a German Bob small car from the 1920s and many more.

Our photo gallery is on Flickr. Just click on the link or the picture below

PS Speicher visit