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Latest additions

Museum name Country
Northern Savonia Fire Museum Finland
Estonian Road Museum Estonia
Kurtna Motorcycle Museum Estonia
Vorchdorf Motorcycle Museum Austria
Fire Museum Wels Austria
First Europan Trials Motorcycle Museum Austria
Puch Museum Wieser Austria
Max Reisch Collection Italy
Klopeinersee Motorcycle Museum Austria
Lyon & Rhône Firemen's Museum France
Chez Manuel - Museum of Popular Art France
Vehicle Museum at Villach Austria
Siegfried Marcus Automobil-museum Stockerau Austria
Vötters Vehicle Museum Austria
Johann Puch Museum Graz Austria
Tatra Museum Austria
Rolls-Royce Museum Austria
Museum of Military History Austria
Volkswagen Beetle Museum Gaal Austria
Volkswagen Beetle Museum Gaal Austria
Museum of Vehicles, Technology and Aviation Bad Ischl Austria
Nostalgia on Wheels Museum Austria
Laxenburg Fire Museum Austria
Motorroldie Austria
Fire Museum Erlauf Austria
Elsbett-Museum Germany
Classic Car and Motorcycle Museum of Christine & Rupert Austria
Fire Museum Val-d'Oise France
Haute-Savoie Fire Museum France
Museum of Arts and Industry France
Military Museum Sonntagberg Austria
Fire Museum Fontainebleau France
Fire Museum Gars Austria
Hausberger Classic Car Museum Austria
Oldtimermuseum Poysdorf Austria
Museum St. Veit Austria
Bornholms Automobilmuseum Denmark
Nimbus Motorcycle Museum Denmark
Danish Museum of Science and Technology Denmark
Farmers' Technology Museum, Gallhuberhof Austria
Vorarlberg Museum World Austria
Historical Fire Brigade House St. Florian Austria
Motorcycle Museum Gisingen Austria
Motorcycle Museum Austria
Motorcycle Museum Neunkirchen
Vienna Technical Museum Austria
Lotus Museum Austria
Puch Museum Judenburg Austria
Styria Fire Museum Gross-St. Florian Austria
Pechmann's Old Oil Mill Austria