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Holgers Tractor Museum

Holgers Traktor museum
"At the northern edge of Sweden, you can find a nice tractor museum. In the charming village of Svartbyn, you will meet Norrbotten agricultural and mechanical history. Vehicles are gathered under one roof and out on the large courtyard Inside the museum you will find a score of 100 Holger Larsson's tractors. Many of the tractors are from the villages around the Överkalix, but many of them are purchased or donated by previous owners. There are also some real rarities in the museum, including a John Deere BR 1934, Case CH from 1939 etc. Tractors are not the only machines that you find in the museum. Marine engines, chainsaws and even some old mopeds and motorcycles, among other things one Rex Speedy, are on display.
Opening times: June, 1 through August, 31: every day from 10 AM to 6 PM.

Svartbyvägen 29
95693 Överkalix