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Army Museum

"Discover the Army Museum – one of Sweden’s best history museums. The museum re-opened in 2000 in refurbished premises, with a completely new exhibition depicting Swedish history from Viking times onwards. Here you will get an authentic picture of war as experienced by the soldiers and their families. Uniforms and weapons are displayed by means of realistic scenes using life-size manikins, and original artefacts are presented in display cases. The museum takes up three floors; it begins on the top floor in a room that describes war in general and from there visitors proceed round the exhibition from Viking times up until the present day.The museum also has rooms given over to specific topics such as, sickness and medical treatment, mercenaries, crime and punishment and animals in war, and there is also a display of weapons. The Trophy Chamber contains an exhibition of priceless treasures like flags, banners, and musical instruments, that Swedish soldiers have captured in times of war."
Opening hours: September–May Tuesday: 11.00–20.00 Wednesday–Sunday: 11.00–17.00 Opening hours June–August Monday–Sunday: 10.00–17.00

Riddargatan 13
10441 Stockholm

+46 8 51 95 63 01