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Nostalgia Barn

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Nils Oskar Linjord, a fan of American cars opened this barn as a tribute to the 1950s an 1960s. It is mostly memorabilia, but there are a few vehicles as well.

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Norwegian Opel Collection

Original name: 
Norsk Opel Samling

Private collection of Opel cars

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Nilsen Museum

Original name: 
Nilsen Museet

This museum depicts the story of Nils "Nilsen" Naas' mining company. In addition to tractors and mining equipment, classic cars are also being exhibited.

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Nordenget Farm Museum

Original name: 
Nordenget Gårdsmuseum

Martin Alfred Friberg took over the family farm, which has been their property since the 19th century in 1990 and gradually turned it into a museum. Tractors dominate but there are cars and motorcycles as wel.

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Narvik Vehicle History Museum

Original name: 
Narvik Kjøretøyhistoriske Museum

The museum contains exhibitions showing the rich vehicle history of Narvik, with themes such as everyday motoring, caravanning, roadside environments, bus history, taxi history, ferries and bridges. In addition, the Ofotbanen railway is presented in miniature.

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Jøran Persen Collection

Jøran Persen's private collection of cars, which includes a 1925 Chevrolet and motorcycles

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Lillebror MC Motorcycle Museum

A motorcycle dealer with a private collection of motorcycles

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Bertel O Steen Company Museum

Original name: 
B O S Bedriftsmuseum

Bertel O Steen is the oldest car dealer in Norway. In the reception are there is a section devoted to classic cars and the original office of Mr Steen is preserved as well.

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Lundhaug Collection

Private collection of Arne Anton Lundhaug

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Vespa Museum Fornebu

A nice collection of Vespa scooters, located next to a car museum

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