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Museums in Estonia

Automobile Museum, Estonia

In the Car museum at Halinga the emphasis has been put on the cars manufactured in the Soviet Union and therefore the museum is one of the largest in this field in the territory of the European Union. The exhibition also contains many interesting models from other parts of the world. The exhibition will be complemented constantly with many exciting models still to be added to the museum's collection. The museum is suitable for car enthusiasts of any age and it gives the opportunity to have a look at the old cars in the way their first owners used to do.

Estonian Road Museum

"This is the place where you can find thorough answers to all questions concerning the history and development of roads. In a 1000 m2 machine hall there is an exhibition of machines that have been driven on Estonian roads throughout times as well as technology that was used to build them"

Eesti Maanteemuuseum

Järva-Jaani classic car park

On the premises of the Järva-Jaani Fire Company, there's a huge open field exhibition of classic cars, mostly Soviet-era automobiles from USSR, Estonia, Hungary, GDR. There are dozens of Moskvitch, Lada cars, GAZ trucks, Ikarus buses - just to name a few. Most of these vehicles are not restored.

Kurtna Motorcycle Museum

Over thirty motorcycles from different decades, ten of them still working, are displayed in the partially renovated auxiliary building of the manor. Such world famous motorcycle brands as AJS, BMW, Harley-Davidson and Indian as well as Soviet motorcycles IŽ, PMZ, Kovrovets, Moskva, Krasnoi Oktjabr etc. and Estonian motorcycle Vihur are represented. In addition to renovated cycles and the ones still waiting for renovation, old gas tanks, motorcycle number plates and other related items attract the eye of the visitor.

Kurtna Mootorrattamuuseum


LaitseRallyPark lies only 30 minutes drive from the centre of Tallinn. It is car theme park that is full of experiences! It includes a classic car collection: "If you are interested and passionate about antique cars then there’s a huge collection of unique cars at LaitseRallyPark. The collection includes around 50 beauties from which some of them are used for fun and wedding rides from spring to autumn period."

MOMU Motor Sports Museum

If you would like to learn more about motor sport and about Estonian history, you should visit the MOMU, Estonian Motor Sport Museum, located in Ellamaa Power Station, as it is a unique combination of a historical building and an exhibition of rare racing equipment. Here, you can see the first racing motorcycle built in Estonia, as well as newer formula and rally cars. The museum was created with real enthusiasm and every car or motor sport enthusiast, as well as those who are not true fans of motor sport will surely find something exciting to explore here.