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Museums in Portugal

Caramulo Museum

Two brothers, Abel and João de Lacerda founded in the 1950's, a unusual museum in a small town called Caramulo, situated on a mountain in the center of Portugal with a luxuriant vegetation overlooking an 80 km valley: the vastest panoramic view of the country.

Elvas Military Museum

The Elvas Military Museum emerged as a result of the Portuguese Army reorganization in 2006 and occupies the premises of the former Infantry Regiment Nº8 designated "Quartéis do Casarão" [Saint Domingos Convent (13th Century), King Ferdinand Wall (14th century) and part of the 17th century wall].

Fafe Regional Automobile Museum

Inaugurated in 1997 this museum was conceived by the local tourist authorities, who teamed up with a local classic car club. Cars shown include an early Renault which was the 3rd car registered in Portugal. Other antique cars are a Fiat, a DeDion, a Charron etc, but there's also a Citroen Traction Avant and a 1950s Chevy as well

Museum of Scale Models

The Museum intends to show and publicize the best collections of miniatures existing in Portugal. It was set up by Fernando Taborda, a local collector with help from the Municipial Government, the national automobile club and a local assocation. It has about 4000 scale models on display. Featured themes include the Historical Evolution of the Automobile, Rallies of the World, Presidential Vehicles, VIPs and Papamobiles.