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Museums in Czechia

Auto Museum Pelechov

In the Central Bohemia region, near the Prague-Turnov highway, you can find the village of Luštěnice. Not far from it, there is a sign at the entrance to the former military complex. Mr. Petr Pelech bought several halls in this area and built a private automobile museum here with help from his friends.
It is not normally accessible and you will not find any signposts to it, it is not even marked at the entrance to the area. There is only a "No Entry" sign together with the logo of the American Auto Club.

Automuzeum Pelechov

Cabrio Gallery, Dobřenice

Cabrio Gallery shares and disseminates the legacy of JUDr. Karel Loevenstein a prominent Czech industrialist and manager, long-term CEO of the ŠKODA a.s Group - formerly Škoda's plants in Pilsen (1919 - 1939). In the Gallery you can see nearly 30 Škoda cars, 10 Formula racing cars and five vehicles made in Bratislava by BAZ.

In 2023 the museum announced plans to drastically reduce its collection and keep just 5 cars.


Classic Car Museum, Kopřivnice

Jaroslav Šerý's private museum is located in Koprivnice near the Tatra museum. However Šerý and his friends put together an international exhibition, featuring a diverse range of brands from Laurin&Klement to Riley, from Horch to Škoda, from Alvis to Auburn. There are also a separate section on motorcycles, including the one and only two-wheeler made by Sodomka, the famed Czech coachbuilder. Additionally there are toys, memorabilia, posters and other miscellaneous exhibits.

AutoMotoMuzeum Oldtimer Kopřivnice