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Museums in Denmark

Gentofte Fire Museum

Gentofte Fire Museum was opened on May 17 in 1987 – on the 85th anniversary of the Gentofte fire brigade. The museum is located in a unique building inside Gentofte municipality’s old fire station from 1909. The Collection shows the development of the fire brigade from the mid 19th century until today. You can see the hand syringes from the old spraying houses and motor fire engines – including Northern Europe’s oldest Danish-built automobile spray from 1919, Triangle syringes from the 1930s and an officer wagon from the 1946.

Gentofte Brandmuseum

Haaning Collection

The Haaning Collection is a modern take on a motor museum, and was established by the Haaning family. Throughout his life, Erik Haaning has collected cars from all periods, while his sons Nicholas and Michael Haaning have had the ambition of sharing the collection with the public at large. Upwards of 80 cars and motorcycles are exhibited at the new motor museum in a different and exciting way, which caters to a wider audience than the typical car enthusiasts.

Haaning Collection

Jutlandic Car Museum

At Jysk Automobilmuseum 160 vintage cars, motorcycles, lorries and fire trucks are exhibited. A wide selection of the Danish fleet of vehicles from 1900-1960, an exciting period with models from the Bonnie and Clyde and Al Capone era. 80 different car brands, representing both known and rare European and American cars and motorcycles.

Jysk Automobilmuseum