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Museums in Denmark

Strib Automobilmuseum

You can now enjoy a large unique collection of cars and motorcycles from a bygone era, with a view of Lillebælt, and situated on a beautiful spot in Strib. Rolls-Royces, Cadillacs, Buicks and many other outstanding vehicles are presented in the museum. You can for example see a Cadillac from 1908, which is still going strong.

Strøjer Collection

Exhibition of 60 race-cars, cars from James Bond films and historic cars,including Aston Martin, Austin, Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Maserati, Mercedes, 18 Rolls Royce and more. All beautifully restored and presented in beautiful surroundings. The automobiles have belonged to and been used by Denmark’s King Frederik IX, the Shah of Persia, the Sultan of Oman, Sir Winston Churchill, British Field Marshal Montgomery and Captain Carlsen.

VW & Retro Museum

"VW & Retro Museum is a privately owned museum that lets nostalgia blossom and pay homage to the VW classics, as well as their bygone era through countless retro items. Here, the love and passion for old things are at the forefront and. For us, originality is a matter of course, so that all cars displayed are in good and original condition. The museum has several different exhibitions, so we are more than just cars. For example, visit grandmother's living room and grandfather's office, as well as the museum's old grocery store, which is filled with period everyday goods."