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Usually, we don't feature this type of information, but this plea may be of interest for some museums.

Captain Walter Wanderwell, an adventurer, inventor and former sailor with an itch for world travel, conceived the notion of circling the globe by automobile. An emigrant from Poland, he changed his name from the un-pronounceable ‘Johannes Pieczynski’, to Wanderwell during a 1914 walking tour of America. This rugged individual was yet to meet Aloha, his young partner on this extraordinary odyssey, who would become the first woman to circle the globe in an automobile!


WARREN, Ohio, 31 May - The National Packard Museum has opened an all-new special exhibit: Micro Cars: Mini Wonders. This display runs now through July 10.

The exhibit highlights 19 of the smallest and most unusual cars and trucks built in America and Europe between 1915 and 1984.

First produced around World War I when supply rations were at their peak, micro cars then flourished after World War II as an economical transportation solution when families had very little money to spare.

The exhibit was inspired by museum members, Dick and Evie Best, who have...

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - On 15 May two new exhibitions have been opened at the Huntsville Museum of Art:

Future Retro: Drawings from the Great Age of American Automobiles
May 15 – July 24, 2011
Huth, Boeing, Salmon, Haws and Chan Galleries

Over 100 dynamic works showcase American automotive design during the decades following World War II, a landmark period in car styling. Works range from preliminary sketches to fully rendered drawings, providing a rare glimpse into the creative process. Dating from an era when beauty and ingenuity were important factors in car...

TACOMA, Wash. (Apr. 20, 2011) – Fundraising for LeMay – America’s Car Museum (ACM) has powered through the recession and construction has moved forward on-time and on-budget. With these assessments in tow, ACM management today announced that the Tacoma, Wash., project, built mostly through philanthropic funding, will have its 2012 grand opening on May 19.

“We’ve managed to build a museum (which began construction in June 2010) during difficult economic times when nearly everybody said it couldn’t be done,” says ACM President and CEO David Madeira, who has been at the museum’s helm...


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