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The National Technical Museum in Prague reopened on 16 February after more than four years of renovations. The biggest such institution in the country, with more than 50,000 items in its collections, the museum will be featuring some all-time favourite exhibitions, such as one on the history of transport. But it is also launching some brand new exhibits as well.

The museum reopens with five permanent exhibitions. These include displays on the history of transport, printing and astronomy, as well as a photographic studio from the early 20th century. One new exhibit, on the museum’s...

I just discovered that the Mantova Automobile Club found a temporary home for the Tazio Nuvolari Collection: at the Palace of the Captain (Palazzo del Capitano), Piazza Sordello, 42/a, Mantova.

It is open only on weekends from 10 AM to 6:30 PM and right now this place will be used 'til the end of December, 2010.

TORRANCE, CA, USA - The Toyota USA Automobile Museum marked its “Grand Re-Opening” here today (2 November), with more than 100 models on display at its new, expanded facility.

The Museum features Toyota, Lexus and Scion cars and trucks dating back to 1958, along with more than a dozen historic racing vehicles. A history of Toyota’s operations in the U.S. and around the world also is part of the Museum display.

“The museum reflects a vision Toyota has held since its founding nearly a century ago, to enrich society through building cars,” said Jim Lentz, president and chief...

We're back ... though we have never left in the first place.

When the site was launched in March, 2010 I hoped it would appear in Google search results by summer. It did not happen. There are a lot of potential explanations for this, but it slightly dimmed my enthusiasm for this project.

In the meantime we've been covered by The Auto Channel, Classic&Sportscar, several forums, Bing indexed us and so on. A lot of positive feedback was received from various museums, though the World Forum for Motor Museum has yet to make good on its promise to assist us on making the site...

A display of the works of GM Holden's first Australian Head of Design, Phillip Zmood.

Zmood commenced his career with Holden in March 1965 working as staff designer on the HR, HK, HT and HQ range of vehicles. From 1969 to 1981 he worked as Chief Designer in Australia and Germany. Until 1995 he was the Executive in Charge of Design. He is credited with creating the major design elements of some of Holden's most iconic muscle cars.

The collection features original sketches of the GTRX and the Torana as well as Zmood’s childhood sketches, studio photographs and product brochures...

Toyota has endured the ups and downs of the automotive industry and has proved itself to be an auto manufacturer that is here to stay. This exhibit, sponsored by Elk Grove Toyota, explores the many different genres of automotive design and technology that are the foundation of Toyota's history. Some of the vehicles on exhibit will include a 1959 Toyopet Crown, a Prius Plug-In Hybrid, a 1967 2000 GT, a desert off-road race truck, and an IRL Indy race car. Come see the story of one of the greatest car manufacturers that is still thriving in the industry today!

On Friday, July 16th...


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