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Yanke Motor Museum

Small private collection

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Motte Historical Museum

Once a produce market from the mid 1980's to the late 1990's, it is now a museum hosting the Motte Family Car Collection and the History of the Valley.

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Bickford Collection

An open air Pavillion and courtyard filled with a collection of old antique trucks and equipment put together by Erving Bickford.

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Four States Auto Museum

A lovely collection of classic cars across most automotive eras.

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Tucson Auto Museum

Our mission at the Tucson Auto Museum is to showcase the very old, the iconic (hard not to fall in love with our mid-century classic Cadillacs, Desotos, Hudsons and Packards), the sporty (picture yourself behind the wheel of one of our classic Corvettes, Thunderbirds, MGs or Triumphs), the unique (ever see a car with just one door—and it is in the front?!) and more. You can even go Back to the Future in our shiny, stainless steel Deloreon.

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Blue Light Museum Beuster

Original name: 
Blaulichtmuseum Beuster

A local collection of police, fire and communal service vehicles which were popular in East Germany

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Cadillac Museum, Hachenburg

A local collection of American cars and Rock'n'Roll memorabilia

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MAN Museum

Original name: 

MAN and manroland web systems have been producing diesel engines and printing presses in Augsburg since the 19th century. The MAN Museum has been dedicated to these two products among other works of MAN engineering in the premises of the former Research Institute for Mechanics and Design since 1953. A journey through time from the first diesel engine to the innovative products and services of today - in the MAN Museum Augsburg you can admire, among other things, the first test diesel engine from around 1893.

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Rune Lutsi Collection

Private collection of cars and motorcycles.

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Transport Museum Wythall

A collection of about 100 buses and battery-electric vehicles (milk floats and bread vans), plus a miniature steam railway operating on Event Days. Three large display halls with workshops, social history interpretation, an industry-related paraphernalia!

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