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Jim's Vintage Garages Heritage Museum

Opened in 2005, this museum houses a large collection of automotive and petroleum industry memorabilia, donated to the municipality by local collector Jim Pearn.

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Canadian Museum of Making

Ian MacGregor's 20,000-square-foot underground Canadian Museum of Making in the foothills near Cochrane is the stuff of collectors' dreams: "The Canadian Museum of Making began as a personal project to save intriguing machinery and tools from being discarded from local shops, and grew into a renowned, private museum which gathers items from all over the world that live in the intersection between engineering and art.

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Dreamcycle Motorcycle Museum

This museum has over 100 motorcycles on display, many marques and covers decades of motorcycle history. The Gift Shop has unique motorcycle related gift items and great options for decorating the "Man Cave".

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Canadian Transportation Museum Heritage Village

"We have one of the finest collections of historic and antique cars in Canada South, most of them owned by the museum. We also have the only EMS museum in Canada. In our village, we have over 20 historic buildings, originating from various areas of Essex County. We conduct many automotive museum and village tours on a daily basis and we see thousands of school children attend the village every year to be a “Pioneer for a Day”."

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Ontario Provincial Police Museum

The museum's basic responsibilities of stewardship and public service are expressed by preserving, documenting and interpreting artifacts and archival materials that help to build an understanding of the history of policing in Ontario since the formation of Upper Canada in 1791, specializing in the material culture of the Ontario Provincial Police from 1909.

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Heydar Aliyev Center

Heydar Aliyev was a president of Azerbaijan. The Center is engaged in studying, promoting and protecting his heritage. Part of the Center is a Museum which features - among others - his state cars.

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MVD Museum

Original name: 
Музей МВД

"Visit the Museum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus to explore unique materials related to the activities of law enforcement agencies in the Belarusian lands since the time of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and up to the present days. Numerous archival documents, service weapons and uniforms of different epochs, officers’ service awards and personal belongings, real evidence of solved crimes, weapons seized from criminals – all these items will tell you the story of the most interesting and dramatic events in the history of law enforcement.

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Museum of Urban Passenger Transport, Minsk

Original name: 
Музей городского пассажирского транспорта

"The first and only in Belarus Museum of urban passenger transport, in which you can trace the history of public transport"

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Zabroddzie Museum Complex

Original name: 
Забродье - музейно-усадебный комплекс

A few kilometers from Vileyka (Minsk region, Belarus) is the village-museum Zabroddzie. Zabroddzie - is a cozy little village located on the former front lines of World War I, on the banks of the river Narachanka. This village-museum is known far outside Belarus. She is famous for the fact that it is the only Belarusian museum of the World War I. There are old houses and objects of everyday life of Belarusians from the 19th century. Additionally there is a very interesting classic car and motorcycle museum with a few self-made one-off Soviet cars (Samodelki), old German cars

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Mezhyhirya National Park

Original name: 
Межигір'я Національний парк

Mezhyhirya near Kyiv is a former residence of Viktor Yanukovych, the former President of Ukraine. Today the 350-acre site has been turned into a public national park, which includes among other things a classic car museum showing the bulk of Yanukoych's car collection.

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