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Communications Museum, Paterka

Original name: 
Muzeum Komunikacji w Paterku

The museum was established in March 2011. There are 30 buses which were in circulation in in Poland between the 1970s and 1990s, including Jelcz, Skoda-Liaz and Ikarus.

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Museum of Agricultural Technology and Farm

Janusz Borkowski set up Kujawska Fabryka Maszyn Rolniczych KRUKOWIAK agricultural machinery factory in 1987. Now the original farm, where the company was first located is a museum featuring a rich collection of agricultural and industrial machinery, tractors, cars, motorcycles and other equipment and tools that were used in Kuyavian region.

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Museum of Mining and Motor Sports, Wałbrzych

Original name: 
Muzeum Górnictwa i Sportów Motorowych, Wałbrzych

Jerzy Mazur , a former multiple Polish racing champion, who participated at the 1988 Paris-Dakar Rally with a Star 266 truck opened this museum in 1999. Located in a former mining facility it features artifacts related to the life of Ayrton Senna and mining and rallying relics.

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Motorisation Metamuseum

Original name: 
Metamuzeum Motoryzacji

Housed in a renovated 1000 sqm barn, this automotive museum from the Biernacki Family Foundation is today very often visited by young people from 5 to 105 years old!

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Radom Village Museum

Original name: 
Muzeum Wsi Radomskiej

A reconstructed village to illustrate how "our ancestors lived". One of the buildings houses fire brigade’s vehicles, pumps and objects connected to the functioning of the Fire Brigade Service.

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Museum of Metallurgy and Engineering Industry, Chlewiska

Original name: 
Muzeum Hutnictwa i Przemysłu Maszynowego w Chlewiskach

A former steel mill, the premises have been taken over by the Museum of Technology in Warsaw in the 1950s. Today the blast furnace is part of the museum, which also displays antique cars

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Museum of Nature and Technology "Ekomuzeum" Jan Pazdur

Original name: 
Muzeum Przyrody i Techniki Ekomuzeum im. Jana Pazdura w Starachowicach

Among the attractions at our Museum you can find cars manufactured by the former Star Factory . They include: the first of the entire STAR 20 family and the off-road STAR 266R participant in the 10th Paris-Dakar Rally in 1988. In 2006, the Museum purchased the preserved remains of the original papamobile manufactured on the STAR 660M2 chassisfor the needs of the First Pilgrimage of John Paul II to his homeland in 1979.

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Bar Siekierezada

Original name: 

A bar and more - among others it features the owners' collection of 2nd World War trucks and motorcycles

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M1 Cyklisty

Original name: 

Private collection of Wojciech Mszyca.It consists of 36 bicycles and motorised bicycles including a 1906 Adler bicycle an a 1935 Adler motorcycle

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Fire Museum, Alwernia

Original name: 
Muzeum Pożarnictwa, Alwernia

Set up in 1953, this museum features firefighting equipment and fire trucks, including a Mercedes from 1926.

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