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Museum of Technology, Telč

Original name: 
Muzeum techniky Telč

The Museum of Technology was opened on 11 August 2012 in the premises of a former steam sawmill in Telč .The museum offers its visitors an unusual spectacle of historic cars, motorcycles, bicycles, stationary engines, strollers, toys, stoves, radios, electrical appliances and daily necessities of our grandmothers. Furthermore, a demonstration of an old dental office, a peasant room or a period car mechanic's workshop is prepared for visitors. The whole exhibition is on an area of ​​900 m2.

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Classic Vehicle Museum Pavlíkov

Original name: 
Muzeum veteránů Pavlíkov

The collection includes Czech and foreign motorcycles.

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Museum of Historic Vehicles and Old Agricultural Machinery

Original name: 
Muzeum historických vozidel a staré zemědělské techniky

This private museum was opened to the public in 2000. It is a three-storey building and an outdoor shelter, all with a total area of ​​about 1900 m2. In the museum you can see trucks and cars, horse-drawn carriages, chariots, sleighs, motorcycles, bicycles, old agricultural machinery, tools, peasant living room, models of trains, cars and planes.

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Two-Stroke Stories Showroom, Svobodnický dvůr

Original name: 
Příběhy dvoutaktů - Svobodnický dvůr

It is an exhibition of vehicles with two-stroke engines from the period of the 30s-80s of the last century, supplemented by other exhibits from this period, a collection of models in the historic interiors of the homestead from the 14th century. A guided tour lasting about 50 minutes will acquaint visitors with the history of the property, the development of vehicles, especially German carmakers, and what the driver had to do a few decades ago, including period camping and car tourism.

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Museum of Technology, Liberec

Original name: 
Technické muzeum Liberec

At present, the museum spreads in four pavilions. The original pavilion, Pavilion A, focuses mainly on means of transport. You will find here mainly cars, motorcycles, a unique bike exhibition, and also rail and tram enthusiasts will find here a lot of interesting stuff. April 2018 was marked by the opening of 4th Pavillion D - Kingdom of Cars. Here you can enjoy luxury cars such as Rolls-Royce or Cadillac and their development throughout the 20th century.

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Industrial Museum, Mladějov

Original name: 
Průmyslové muzeum Mladějov

One of the expositions of the Mladějov Industrial Museum is dedicated to a cross-sectional collection of Czechoslovak Jawa and ČZ motorcycles. You can also view the collection of narrow-gauge industrial locomotives,excavators and bulldozers, tractors and other agricultural and construction equipment, but also period strollers. The exhibits are located in the original buildings, including the heating plant and the power plant.

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Jawa Museum Konopiště

Original name: 
Jawa muzeum Konopiště

A total of about 200 motorcycles + other exhibits are currently on display. This is the official museum of the Jawa brand. Another main theme of the museum is the historical documentation of the racing success of Czech motorcycle brands in the 20th century (unique exhibits,trophies, historical documents).

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Motoring Museum, Znojmo

Original name: 
Muzeum Motorismu Znojmo

The Motoring Museum in Znojmo was opened in 2008. On an area of ​​almost 1500 m2 you can find 40 pre-war cars, dozens of motorcycles, bicycles and stationary engines. Furthermore, tractors, steam engines, engines for mill drives, gas stations, enameled billboards, prams, toy cars, children's toys and hundreds of other exhibits related to motoring until the year of production 1950.

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Citroën Conservatory - DS

Original name: 
Conservatoire Citroën Heritage & DS Heritage

With more than 300 pieces, the Conservatoire maintains the largest international collection of Citroën vehicles. Most of them are in perfect condition.
Under the metal beams of the main building, the extraordinary fleet of the Conservatory is wisely classified by decades (from 1919 to the 2000s) then by thematic islands: sport, adventure, utilities, unusual vehicles, concept cars and prototypes. Since 2019, a new space has been entirely dedicated to vehicles from the DS AUTOMOBILES range.

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Museum of Small Technology - Jawa from Sázava

Original name: 
Malé muzeum techniky - Jawy od Sázavy

The Museum of Small Technology, 'Jawa from Sázava' shows around 70 motorcycles made in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and later Czechoslovakia. There are also sectioned engines and other technological devices, such measuring instruments.

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