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‘Supercars from the 1990s’ Exhibition in the Louwman Museum


THE HAGUE, Netherlands, 29 May, 2024 -- It’s going to be a long hot summer for sports car enthusiasts.  From 5 July to 1 September the Louwman Museum will be hosting an exhibition of Supercars from the 1990s. The Louwman Museum has managed to assemble an impressive collection of super sports cars. Many of the cars have never been seen before in the Netherlands and one or two hardly ever see the light of day.




It is the duty of the Louwman Museum to share all facets and periods of the evolution of the motor car with the general public. Last year we focussed on cyclecars from the beginning of the last century. This year the time machine has been set to the 1990s. “We are highlighting the supercars from that period because during the decade there seemed to be a hype surrounding high-performance supercars. It all started in the 80s. Numerous new makes came on to the market. In the early 1990s many new introductions were announced. But the financial crisis in 1992/93 caused well-to-do enthusiasts to think twice, causing a fall in the number of new orders for supercars, which in turn caused many a make to go bankrupt and projects to be terminated prematurely” explans Ronald Kooyman, director of the Louwman Museum.

Even so, numerous interesting and impressive super sports cars appeared in the 1990s. “We have managed to assemble a uniuqe collection, whereby we define ‘supercar’ as a car produced in limited numbers, with at least 500 hp and a top speed of over 300 km/h. Within this group we have split the cars into various categories: production models, limited editions, homologation specials and prototypes. Some of the cars have never before been seen in the Netherlands, nor even in the Benelux. This particular collection of sports cars has also never been seen in the Netherlands, nor in the Benelux not even in Europe. Perhaps nowhere in the world…”, according to Kooyman.

The Louwman Museum is proud to present the following cars during the ‘Supercars of the 1990s’ exhibition:


Production models:

  • Aston Martin Vantage V600

  • Bugatti EB110 Super Sport

  • Vector W8


Limited Editions

  • Ferrari F50

  • Jaguar XJ220

  • McLaren F1


Homologation specials

  • Mercedes CLK GTR Strassenversion

  • Nissan R390 GT1

  • Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion

  • Toyota GT-One street



  • BMW M8 E31

  • Mercedes-Benz C112