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Deutsches Automuseum, Langenburg


The majestic Langenburg Castle lies not far from Highway No 6, on the way from Nürnberg to Heilbronn. It is signposted so you can't miss the way. Once you zig-zag up on the hill there's a parking lot, accompanied by the building of the Deutsches Automuseum (German Automobile Museum).

The name is slightly misleading, as it is not a museum devoted exclusively to German cars, like the
<A HREF="… Museum</A>. But don't be put off by this fact.There are some really interesting prototypes, like Albrecht Goertz's Porsche 914/6 prototype, which the designer handed over to the museum in 1992. And there's a K3 by Wunnibald Kamm. This Mercedes-Benz-based aerodynamic prototype from 1940 boasted a cW of just 0.23. Another one-off, called the Delta-6, a plastic buggy-cum-jeep has been tucked away into a corner. Main attractions are three racing prototypes though, the rocket-powered Opel RAK2, a Veritas RS2000 from 1947 and a supercharged NSU racer from 1924.

Elsewhere there's a nice selection of Mercedes-Benz cars a display of BMW small cars, some DKWs, while the French auto industry is represented by a coachbuilt Delahaye, a 1910s Sizaire-Naudin and a 1928 Rally. There are Germany motorcycles and old radios are being shown as well.

At the entrance there was a mini-exhibition on the life and work of Ferdinand Porsche, accompanied by a British three-wheeler milk delivery van...

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