Toyota: Oh What A History! exhibition is to be opened at California Automobile Museum

Toyota has endured the ups and downs of the automotive industry and has proved itself to be an auto manufacturer that is here to stay. This exhibit, sponsored by Elk Grove Toyota, explores the many different genres of automotive design and technology that are the foundation of Toyota's history. Some of the vehicles on exhibit will include a 1959 Toyopet Crown, a Prius Plug-In Hybrid, a 1967 2000 GT, a desert off-road race truck, and an IRL Indy race car. Come see the story of one of the greatest car manufacturers that is still thriving in the industry today!

On Friday, July 16th from 6pm - 9pm, get a sneak peek of the California Automobile Museum's newest exhibit, TOYOTA: Oh What A History!, sponsored by Elk Grove Toyota, and enjoy a panel discussion with special guests, motor sports celebs, Ivan "Ironman" Stewart and Scooter Patrick. The exhibit showcases vehicles from Toyota's early years, such as a 1959 Toyopet Crown, to some of their raciest machines from the track, including a 1998/99 Mark III GTP prototype sports car and an off-road race truck. Also on exhibit, a 1967 2000 GT and a Land Speed Record Prius. This event is free for CAM Gearhead members and $15 for the general public. A no host bar and light appetizers will also be available. Tickets can be purchased in advance or at the door.

The exhibition will be opened until 19 September.

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