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Museums in Sweden

Automobile and Technical Museum Köping

The small city of Köping is an industrial town with proud traditions. The mechanical works, named after the city - Köpings Mekaniska Verkstad (KMV) – were founded in 1856. Already in 1926 they began manufacturing gearboxes for AB Volvo. In an industrial estate, where once the mechanical works that took its name from the city - Köpings Mekaniska Verkstad - were located is today a fascinating automotive and technological Museum. Here we treasure the heritage of some of Sweden's most devoted automobile historians, Bertil Lindblad and Curt Borgenstam.

Bil- och Teknikmuseet i Köping

Eds MC- and Motormuseum

The Museum is situated in "The Galleria", with an area of 1000 square metres, in the basement underneath the grocery-store "Willys hemma" in the centre of Ed. This collection features classic motorcycles, boat engines, model aeroplanes, radios, sewing-machines etc. It is displaying some 150 bikes, including a complete range of Swedish Rex from 1923-1953 and the EBE from 1927 that was manufactured in the town Åmål situated 35 miles east from Ed.

Eds MC- och Motormuseum

Fire Station Museum Simonstorp

"This is Sweden´s largest fire station museum offering a broad exhibition over the workings of a fire station over the past 150 years. In the museum you will find everything from tools, clothes and equipment for different eras and activities. From the fact that fire brigades and ambulances used hand-drawn carriages, horse-drawn carriages to today's motorized vehicles. The fire brigade's motorized vehicles are represented from 1908 with the Norrköping Fire Brigade's first fire truck, a Dürkopp that was rebuilt from passenger car to fire truck.

Brandkårsmuseet Simonstorp

Gotland Classic Car Museum

"This Museum is one of Norths most seeworthy with a collection of cars from 1910-1970, everything from Rolls Royce to American cars, electric and Amphibians. It also includes a large collectionof motorcycles from the turn of the century up to the 1960s, many of which are very unique. And also there are bicycles, go-kart etc.

Gotlands Veteranbilsmuseum

Gyllene Hjulet Motorcycle Museum

"We aim to show the development of two wheeled transportation from the penny farthing through ordinary push-bikes up to the glass fibre framed ITERA (which was a flop!). There are also a great number of mopeds from the early 1950s onwards. We also show a number of so-called light motorcycles from the early 98 cc via the 1950s limit of 75 kg´s to the present 125cc. Of course there are many motorcycles from the beginning of the century to the 1970s. We also have military motorcycles, even some prototypes.

MC-Museum Gyllene Hjulet

Härnösand Car Museum

At Härnösand's car museum you can experience a powerful journey through time from 1899 to 1990.
In several exhibition halls, lots of unique motor vehicles are waiting to be discovered.
And above all, there are cars here – 220 of them! It is an opportunity to marvel at the cars you could only dream of and at the same time nod in recognition at well-maintained examples of standard cars you have owned and driven yourself.

Härnösands bilmuseum