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Museums in Spain

Del Val Brothers' Classic Car Museum

This collection of cars created by the brothers Carlos and Demetrio del Val has been opened to the public since 2003 thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Andújar City Council. It has about 60 vehicles of various brands from before the war, among which there are authentic rarities such a Delaunay Belleville from 1907 that belonged to Tsar Nicholas.

Eduardo Barreiros Museum

Eduardo Barreiros was a Spanish businessman, a private enterpreneur when there wasn't many around in Spain. His company Barreiros manufactured engines, trucks, buses, tractors and automobiles. He took up licence of Simca and also assembled various Dodge models. This museum shows various products by the company and also traces the life of Barreiros.

Germans Vilanova Gevicar-Gentlemendrive Collection

The collection was born at the end of the 1970s when the brothers Josep and Salvador Vilanova, Catalan textile entrepreneurs, took over two old cars to collect part of a debt from a delinquent client. Over the years and due to a growing passion,the Collection gained in quantity and quality, becoming one of the best private collections in the country. Today the collection consists of more than 50 vehicles in perfect working order. Prestigious brands of such as Hispano-Suiza, RollsRoyce, Bugatti, Packard, Cord...etc

Hotel Alcalá Plaza Motorcycle Museum

A foundation at Alcalá de Henares is trying to put together a museum for Spanish motorcycles. A small portion of this collection is shown at a nearby hotel: "at the Hotel Alcalá Plaza they share our passion for two wheels. The result is a unique exhibition that condenses specialties, decades and trends. A cocktail that invites you to imagine the immense possibilities of the future Motorcycle Museum. More than 40 classics from different periods and origins in a pleasant, lavishly decorated space. And only 30 km from Madrid"

Jardines de Sabatini Classic Car Museum

Enjoy this unique experience travelling back in time to savor Madrid in the early 20th century through the hotel´s magnificent collection of vintage and classic cars, surrounded by genuine photos of Madrid at that time period. This exclusive guided tour around our quaint museum will fascinate both, car lovers and all audiences; where you will feel like gangster during the prohibition, you will learn how to start a 1915 Ford T Model or you will take a picture in a 1950s microcar the “bubble car” (Isetta). It will be an unforgettable experience for all the family.

Malaga Automobile and Fashion Museum

More than 85 cars, a collection of hats from 1920s to 1950s, a motor gallery and exclusive contemporary works of art are exhibited in this new space of entertainment and leisure. An unprecedented exposition revives pieces from Maga Collection, never shown in Spain before. Thus, there exists an evident relationship between the history of the automobile, society progress and the world of fashion which improves cultural and congress tourism, as well as other incentives in Malaga.