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Museums in Italy

Armed Forces Museum

In Montecchio, near Vicenza, the Venetian city there is an interesting museum dedicated to the Italian, German and American military vehicles used in the first and second world wars. A living and exciting history book to document the stark reality of conflicts.

Automobile Museum of San Martino in Rio

"The Car Museum was founded in 1956, when cars that now are considered ancient had not been invented yet. Here were exhibited more than 400 vehicles among the most prestigious old cars in the world, such as the famous Auto Avio Costruzioni 815, the first car built by Enzo Ferrari. If you wish to become a real visitor and not just a virtual one, you don’t need to pay a ticket: take us some typical food products of your country."

Bandini Collection

Bandini was one of the better known makers of etceterini, hand-built Italian sports- and racing cars in the 1940s and '50s. Today Registro Storico Bandini displays the life and work of Ilario Bandini in the village where he was born.