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Museums in China

HY Auto Museum

HY Auto Museum was opened in 2017 inside the Mawei Shipbuilding Park, which also houses the China Shipping Heritage Museum. Mostly Western cars are shown (Mercedes, Volkswagen etc.). It is also a venue location and there is a restoration workshop. Photo is from

Sanhe Classic Car Museum

Sanhe Group is a major car dealer in Chengdu province and the company also operates a professional workshop for restoring classic cars. In 2005, the company established Sanhe Art Museum in Sanhe Automobile Park, exhibiting the rebuilt classic cars as well as providing a communication platform for the fans of classic cars. "The classic cars in the Museum display their beauties together with other art items in the Museum. Therefore, Sanhe Automobile Park is awarded as a unique industrial traveling spot by Chengdu Hi-tech Zone.

Shanghai Auto Museum

Shanghai Auto Museum, the first dedicated auto museum in China, locates in the Auto Expo Park of Shanghai International Automobile City. The museum covers an area of 28,000m2, and its exhibition area exceeds 10,000m2. With more than 400 million yuan’s investment, it was completed on Oct. 24th, 2006, and opened to the public on Jan. 17th, 2007. As Shanghai’s first professional museum that combines history, profiles, technology, and originality of automobiles.

Shanghai Film Studios Amusement Park

Shanghai Film Studios Amusement Park is a site for film & TV shooting,sightseeing,and cultural communication. It has the sets of "1930s Nanjing Road","West Nanjing Road","shi-ku-men Alleyways of Shanghai","Old Town of Shanghai","European Buildings","Suzhou Creek Neighborhood","Moller Villa","Church","Peace Plaza","Zhejiang Road Steel Bridge","Lake & Hills" and so on,as well as large soundstages,costume warehouses,set-decoration and prop warehouses,and construction workshops et

Xiamen Yuecheng Classic Car Museum

Xiamen Yuecheng Classic Car Museum is located in the Dadu Township Taiwan Duty Free Park. It is the first museum in South China with the theme of classic cars. It has a total exhibition area of 8,000 square meters, an exhibition area of 3,000 square meters, and a collection of more than 1,000 pieces, involving 40+ car brands. It was founded by Mr. Chen Yue, a collector of antique cars in Xiamen, who spent tens of millions of dollars. In addition to car exhibits, the pavilion also integrates car culture, car creativity, car science, and a number of car-themed interactive experience games.