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Latest additions

Museum name Country
Luxi Pearl Classic Car Exhibition Hall China
Global Auto Culture Park China
Fengmao Classic Car Museum China
Caswell No. 1 Fire Station Museum United States
San Antonio Fire Museum United States
Randall R. Tuten Orlando Fire Museum United States
Sonora Fire Museum United States
Biddeford Fire Department Museum United States
Phoenix Fire Museum United States
World of Škoda Czechia
Savoy Automobile Museum United States
Fehr Classic Cars & Prime Steaks Austria
Cini Microcar Collection Brazil
Yesterday's Auto Gallery Canada
Mazda Classic – Automobil Museum Frey Germany
Special Purpose Garage of the FSO of Russia Russia
Museum of "Old Valves" France
Mitchell Collection United States
Classic Vehicle Museum Sereď Slovakia
Motorcycle Museum of Iceland Iceland
Martin-Priekopa Fire Brigade Museum Slovakia
Orlando Auto Museum United States
Route 63 Classic Museum Belgium
Great British Car Journey United Kingdom
Transport Museum Rajecké Teplice Slovakia
Dauer Museum of Classic Cars United States
Graham County Auto and Arts Museum United States
Barry's Car Barn United States
Grand Prix Museum Macao SAR China
Moto Museum Horni Radoun Czechia
Museum of historic vehicles Olešnice Czechia
Slatinice Vintage Car Museum
First Wallachian Motorcycle Museum Czechia
Auto Moto Museum Soběslav "u Kučerů" Czechia
Trabant Museum Motol Prague Czechia
Classic Car Show Brazil
Motorcycle Exhibition, Bukovina Romania
Mike Malamut Vintage Car Museum United States
Military Motor Museum Hungary
Museum of New Zeland Te Papa Tongarewa New Zealand
Buses of Yellowstone Preservation Trust United States
Wellborn Musclecar Museum United States
Vintage Garage, Dnieper Ukraine
Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre Motorcycle Museum South Africa
The Motor Museum at Casterbridge South Africa
Terra Technica Czechia
Del Val Brothers' Classic Car Museum Spain
Aguinaga Mercedes-Benz Museum Spain
Germans Vilanova Gevicar-Gentlemendrive Collection Spain
"La Virée d'Antan" Museum France