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Gippsland Vehicle Collection

"The Gippsland Vehicle Collection provides Gippsland with an outstanding rotating display of interesting vehicles: cars, motorbikes, machinery, historic vehicles, carriages, trucks and auto memorabilia.

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Škoda Auto Museum

The Museum showcases the brand’s story in a project designed to invite visitors on an exciting interactive multimedia journey though Škoda Auto’s history, using a 1,800 m² exhibition area in historical production halls to feature vehicles, films, photographs and documents

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Elfin Heritage Centre

The Elfin Heritage Centre is dedicated to the memory and achievements of Garrie Cooper. The aims of the heritage centre are to commemorate and celebrate the heritage of the marque by providing a meeting point for a Elfin enthusiasts and assistance in keeping Elfin cars performing on tracks throughout the world.

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Technical Museum, Brno

Original name: 
Technické muzeum v Brně

The program exposition in respect of ‘Historical vehicles’ offers an insight into the history and production of the best-known car makers in the Moravian region, such as Zbrojovka Brno, Wikov Prostějov and Tatra Kopřivnice. The program includes a brief history of these factories as well. Visitors can peruse the historical workroom as it appeared in the 1930s and view the most important tools used for vehicle reparation and various transportation techniques such as horse carriages.

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National Military Vehicle Museum

"Welcome to our Museum, which is operated on a volunteer basis by members of the Military Vehicle Preservation Society of South Australia. The Society is one of many Military Vehicle Clubs across Australia and throughout the world and its members are dedicated to the preservation of vehicles that are of military origin. The museum was developed as away of providing undercover storage for the vehicles and at the same time allowing the public to view them.

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The Motorist - Vintage Motoring Museum

The motto of the collection is “Committed to the preservation, maintenance and enjoyment of heritage motoring”. As such the majority of the vehicles are used on the road regularly whether it be for hire, rallies, displays or just “daily transport”. The centerpiece of the collection is the world's only 1925 Studebaker limousine with polished brass body

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Peterborough Motorcycle Museum

Ian & Belinda Spooner's private collection of motorcycles. "The focus was to introduce a collection of motorcycles not seen or heard of very much, if at all here in Australia."

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Robert Stein Vintage Motorbike collection

"Robert Stein's passions in life were wine and motorcycles. Over the years he amassed a collection of rare vintage motorcycles which are displayed at the winery and which were the inspiration for these fresh and enjoyable wines.
The Robert Stein Vintage Motorbike collection can be viewed when you are visiting the winery, it's great way to break up your winery visits. Not only do we have an excellent collection of motorcycles, we also have some rare motorcycle collectables and photographs on display. "

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Järva-Jaani classic car park

Original name: 
Järva-Jaani vanatehnika varjupaik

On the premises of the Järva-Jaani Fire Company, there's a huge open field exhibition of classic cars, mostly Soviet-era automobiles from USSR, Estonia, Hungary, GDR. There are dozens of Moskvitch, Lada cars, GAZ trucks, Ikarus buses - just to name a few. Most of these vehicles are not restored.

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Charlie's Auto Museum

Charlie Schwerkolt opened his museum in 1988 with a handful of cars and signs and since then has expanded and added numerous exhibits. The collection is not only rare, but very diverse, interesting and exciting. It is continually changing and growing.

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