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André Baster Museum

Original name: 
Musée André Baster

A privately owned motorcycle museum with the biggest Indian collection in France

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1900's Museum

Original name: 
Musee 1900

This museum, along with a few other collection resides at a former mill. There are old cars from the 1920s, also motorcycles and a fire engine.

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Swiss Army Museum Depot Burgsdorf

Original name: 
Stiftung Historisches Material der Schweizer Armee

The vehicle collection of the Swiss Army Museum, which comprises over 400 objects, is housed in Bergdorf. The spectrum ranges from simple horse-drawn wagons, motor vehicles of all kinds to the modern Leopard 2 main battle tank. The collection clearly shows the chronicle of motorization in the Swiss army.

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Saurer Museum and Depot

"Our museum, located in the picturesque town of Arbon on Lake Constance in Switzerland, shows commercial vehicles, motors, embroidery and weaving machines of all generations that were manufactured in Arbon. You will see around 20 historic vehicles (all categories; trucks, buses, military vehicles, fire engines and postbuses), as well as a comprehensive engine exhibition".

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Foundation Hervé

Original name: 
Fondation Hervé

Started in 1948, the collection of classic cars gathered by Jacques de Wurstemberger includes cars presenting a particular technical interest or a coachwork of a striking elegance, representing perfectly the car manufacturing from the 1920's to our days.
According to the taste of their collector, one can see characteristic English, French and Italian cars of their time, among them are some which were constructed to some few models only. Therefore they are extremely rare.

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Foundation Pierre Gianadda

An engineer, builder, academic and philanthropist, Leonard Gianadda set up Foundation Gianadda in memory of his brother, Pierre who was killed in an airplane crash in 1976. There are art galleries on the site and "the finest automobile museum" in Switzerland with a beautiful selection of classic cars, including several automobiles made locally.

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Swiss Museum of Transport

Original name: 
Verkehrshaus der Schweiz

The Swiss Museum of Transport is a hands-on experience to be savoured in all its diversity, an exciting guide to the development of transport and mobility on road and rail, on the water, in the air and in space, and to the worlds of modern communication. Switzerland’s most popular museum currently attracts over 920,000 visitors a year.

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L'Estanco Auto Moto Museum

Original name: 
L'Estanco Musée Auto Moto

This private museum houses a Citroën AC 4, 1930, an Amilcar from 1926, a Charles Mochet small car from 1949 and many motorcycles. Among the motorcycles, there's a Terrot, a Motobecane, a Velosolex and several others.
Additionally there's lots of memoribilia.

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Firefighters Museum Gex

Original name: 
Musée Départemental des Sapeurs Pompiers

Visitors can see artifacts from the 200-year-old history of local firefighting, including some fire engines

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Automobile Museum at Meillant Castle

Original name: 
Château Meillant

A medieval castle which among other things holds a car collection in its stables.

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