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First Austrian Motorcycle Museum

Original name: 
Erstes Österreichisches Motorrad Museum

Professor Friedrich Ehn first opened his motorcycle museum in 1980 so in 2020 it celebrates its 40th anniversary. It is one of the best known museums in the country with over 250 motorcycles shown.

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Umberto Panini Classic Car Collection

Original name: 
Museo d'Auto e Moto d'epoca Umberto Panini

The Umberto Panini Classic Car Collection is one of the most fascinating exhibitions dedicated to Maserati. Cars that have made Maserati history and that have been lovingly gathered over the years are housed in a typical building in Cittanova, Modena. Originally the brainchild of the Maserati brothers and expanded by Omar Orsi, the collection has remained more or less intact to the present day. It is now run by West (a company owned by the Panini family) and includes 23 cars on display and three that are currently undergoing restoration.

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Righini Collection

Original name: 
Collezzione Righini

Mario Righini's collection, which includes the original Auto Avio 815 built by Enzo Ferrari in 1940, resides at an old automobile dismantling workshop.

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Mauro Pascoli Vespa Collection

Original name: 
Collezione Vespa Mauro Pascoli

Mauro Pascoli, who deals with Vespa parts opened up his collection of Vespa scooters in 2008. The museum is housed next to his warehouse

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Bruno Baccari Collection

Original name: 
Collezione Parilla di Bruno Baccari

A private collection of Parilla motorcycles.

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Salsapariglia Collection

Original name: 
Collezione Salsapariglia

"150 Vintage Motorcycles from 1900 onwards, 100 Agricultural and Industrial Engines from 1900 onwards, 100 Gramophones and Radio from 1870 onwards, Tractors and Motor Lesa, old bicycles, Sabart Chain Saws"

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Nigelli Collection

Original name: 
Collezione Nigelli

Bruno Nigelli set up an amazing collection of over 300 motorcycles tracing the history of bikes in Bologna. The collection resides at Nigelli's company, NIFO

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Nicolis Museum

Original name: 
Museo Nicolis

The Nicolis museum, which was set up by local enterpreneur Luciano Nicolis has a fantastic collection of cars, motorbikes, cameras, typewriters, musical instruments.

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National Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci"

Original name: 
Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia "Leonardo da Vinci"

The National Museum of Science and Technology 'Leonardo da Vinci' in Milan is Italy's largest science and technology museum. It has 10,000 items on display, and runs educational activities in 15 interactive laboratories, presenting the evolution of science and technology by exploring the relationship between people and machines, taking Leonardo da Vinci as a starting point.

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Automobile Museum of San Martino in Rio

Original name: 
Museo dell'Automobile di San Martino in Rio

"The Car Museum was founded in 1956, when cars that now are considered ancient had not been invented yet.
Here were exhibited more than 400 vehicles among the most prestigious old cars in the world, such as the famous Auto Avio Costruzioni 815, the first car built by Enzo Ferrari.
If you wish to become a real visitor and not just a virtual one, you don’t need to pay a ticket: take us some typical food products of your country."

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