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Museum of the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Original name: 
Musée des 24 Heures du Mans

This museum which lies at the main entrance of the LeSarthe circuit depicts the history of the famous 24-hour LeMans Race.

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Marius Berliet Automobile Foundation

Original name: 
Fondation de l'Automobile Marius Berliet

The foundation was created in January 1982 by the descendants of the Lyon manufacturer Marius Berliet and Renault Véhicules Industriels and was recognised as being in the public interest at the time of its creation.

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Reims Champagne Automobile Museum

Original name: 
Musée Automobile Reims Champagne

Philippe Charbonneaux, a respected automotive designer set up this collection in the enclosure of a former metallic workshop factory, with a surface of more than 4000 square metre in the 1980s. Following the death of Mr Charbonneaux, the S.C.A.R. association took over the museum, which now houses over 200 cars.

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Petite Couère Field

Original name: 
Domaine de la Petite Couère

This 82 ha wildlife park is a perfect outing for a family: it also includes a reconstituted 1900 village, a guided tour on a tourist train, a lot of old tractors, several classic cars, hundreds of scale models, a few bicycles and motorbikes.

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Loire Firefighting Museum

Original name: 
Musée des Sapeurs Pompiers De la Loire

Local firefighting museum with a lot of fire engines.

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Chapy Museum

Original name: 
Musée Chapy

A private collection of over 1400 pieces, including cars, motorcycles and memoribilia

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Sanxet Castle Automobile Museum

Original name: 
Le musée de automobile Chateau de Sanxet

The fifteenth-century chateau de Sanxet is the beautiful home of twenty three cars, some of which are unique models. The chateau produces its own wine; the visitor can taste the wine and visit the underground, fourteenth-century winery.

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Matra Museum

Original name: 
Espace automobiles Matra

Housed in a former industrial building, the Matra Museum lies on a 3300 m2 territory and covers the history of Matra, from road cars for LeMans and Formula 1 racers.

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Drouais Retro-Mobile Museum

Original name: 
Musée Rétro-Mobile-Drouais

An exceptional collection in Eure-et-Loir province, this museum features a wide range of cars made between 1885 and 1965, plus bicycles and motorbikes. There are Fiat, Simca, Licorne, Panhard cars and a nice Facel-Vega as well.

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Floriano Automobile Museum

Original name: 
Museu do Automóvel de Floriano

Teodoro F. Sobral Neto's personal collection of about 20 old cars, trucks and motorcycles.

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