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Pontiac Oakland Automobile Museum

The Pontiac-Oakland Museum located in Pontiac, Illinois houses a collection of vehicles and memorabilia that spans the history of the Pontiac and Oakland car brands up until their departures from the manufacturing of vehicles.

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Historic Auto Attractions

More than just a display of historic automobiles, it's a journey through time! Over 75 historic autos displayed in 36,000 sq. ft., including the world's largest collection of presidential and world leaders limousines, John Dillinger's getaway car, Elvis Presley's personal car, Indy cars, TV Land cars and movie cars such as the Batmobile. Kids will love the Turn-of-the-Century Room with old west style stage coach and other period vehicles.

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Private Museum of Technology and Military, Rzeszów

Original name: 
Prywatne Muzeum Techniki i Militariów w Rzeszowie

This museum has been opened in May 2011. It features cars (Syrena, Warsaw, Mikrus, Fiat 125 and 126, Citroën 2CV), motorcycles (Junak, Jawa, moped Wierchowina) home appliances and electronics: irons, washing machines, radios,etc.

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Volkswagen Museum, Pępów

Original name: 
Muzeum Volkswagena w Pępowie

Located on the border of Gdańsk and Kashubian region, Galeria Pępowo is within a 25-minute drive from Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk. A unique feature of Galeria Pępowo is its Volkswagen Museum. With over 40 cars on exhibition, it is the only one in Pomerania and the biggest one in Poland. There also is a 1000-item large collection of car miniatures.

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Chevrolet Hall of Fame Museum

This museum features Chevy cars and memorabilia.

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Klairmont Kollections

Under one roof, (encompassing 100,000 square feet on two floors) Larry Klairmont has been able to amass hundreds of outstanding classics; ranging from an original 1930’s Duesenberg to a large group of micro-cars to a 1918 Pierce Arrow appearing in silver and gold, like something straight out of a fairy tale.

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Corvair Museum

The Corvair Preservation Foundation operates the Corvair Museum where you will find a surprising number of pristine Corvair cars, trucks, powertrain displays and other memorabilia.

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Museum of Historic Cars, Mścice

Original name: 
Muzeum Aut Zabytkowych w Mścicach

The Museum of Historic Cars resides at the Hotel Verde and displays several Mercedes and Jaguar cars.

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Beller Museum

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Founded in 1993 by Jordon and Corinne Beller, our museum strives to showcase products of Detroit's heydays, especially from Ford. We want to show individuals that these roadsters were marvelous tools for hard-working people everywhere.

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Museum of Public Transport, Łódź

Original name: 
Muzeum Komunikacji Miejskiej w Łodzi

The museum was opened on September 22, 2006 on the initiative of city of Łódź with the participation of the Old Tram Lovers Club in Łódź. Its exhibits include photographs commemorating over 100 years of public transport in Łódź, tickets, information boards, elements of streetcar equipment and many other items, including many bus memorabilia.

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