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Rahmi M Koç Museum

The Rahmi M Koç Museum is the first major museum in Turkey dedicated to the history of Transport, Industry and Communications. As part of its mission to be a 'living' museum, the Rahmi M. Koç Museum not only illustrates the history of industry, transport and communications, but is also an important cultural, educational and social centre.

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Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum

Original name: 
Ural Ataman Klasik Otomobil Müzesi

Ural Ataman's private museum occupies a 2000 sqm land and shows about 50 classic cars.

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Sabri Artam Classic Car Museum

Original name: 
Sabri Artam Vakfı Otomobil Müzesi

The Sabri Artam Classic Automobile Museum, which houses one of the largest collections of antique automobiles in Turkey, is located near the top of Çengelköy, on the road that leads to the district of Ümraniye. The museum opened in 1998. It now preserves a collection of automobiles, each one of them with a unique history of its own, for future generations.
The Sabri Artam Automobile Museum was the first museum in Turkey to be recognized by FIVA (The International Federation of Historical Vehicles.

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Mehmet Arsay Classic Car Museum

Original name: 
Mehmet Arsay Klasik Otomobil Müzesi

Private collection, ranging from a 1899 Decauville to a 1978 Porsche.

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Automobil Museum, La Habana Vieja

Original name: 
Museo del Automovil, La Habana Vieja

This museum was reconfigured in 2019 and relocated to a villa. It shows 40 restored cars and motorcycles

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Auto Museum Moncopulli

Local collection focusing on American cars, especially Studebaker.

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Technical Museum of Slovenia

Original name: 
Tehniški muzej Slovenije

The Technical Museum's Road Vehicle area has a space of 2,300 m2 where 55 automobiles, 50 motorcycles and 15 bicycles are being displayed. For the time being there are only two permanent exhibitions, and nearly 90% of the remaining area is dedicated to ‘open storage’ of the major part of vehicle collection.

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Beijing Classic Car Museum

Original name: 

Lou Wenyou's private collection with more than 160 cars was opened in May, 2009

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The Automobile Museum - Bratislav Petkovic Collection

Original name: 
Музеј Аутомобила

The Automobile Museum, Bratislav Petkovic Collection, is the newest in a series of technical museums in Serbia. The Museum was founded by the Assembly of the City of Belgrade and Bratislav Petkovic, the collector and owner of a collection comprising historically valuable cars and arhive material on the domestic history of motoring.

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Koller Classic Car Museum

Original name: 
Koller Oldtimermuseum

Koller’s vintage cars exhibition presents the entire history of the car in a highly interesting way. 125 years of motoring are brought back to life thanks to exquisite modern classic and vintage cars. Here you can follow the development of the car from the carriage to the modern sports car. As well as cars, there are historic bicycles, motorbikes and tractors on display. There are over 100 exquisite cars from 70 manufacturers on display. The models on show date from the beginning of car manufacture in 1886.

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