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Automobile Museum Valencay

Original name: 
Musée de l'Automobile de Valençay

Deriving from the collection of Guignard brothers, the Musée de l'Automobile Valençay traces nearly 80 years of the French automotive industry.

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Manor of The Automobile

Original name: 
Manoir de l'Automobile

This is one of the finest museums in Europe dedicated to the history of the automobile. 15,000 m2 of exhibition space in a seventeenth-century mansion. More than 400 vehicles (including 30 horse-drawn vehicles, 50 motorcycles and bicycles) of all types, ages and nationalities, illustrate a century of automobile. One hundred mannequins in dresses from the era, animate all the collections and the thousands of objects presented.

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Original name: 
Musée des Citroën

The 1000m2 building is purpose-built, and holds in all around 50 cars. The whole range is represented from the 2CV to the SM, in an almost "new from the factory" condition. Furthermore, some are exceptionally rare, such as the famous DS no. 32, sold in 1955, and the oldest example of this model known to be in existence today.

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"Aventure Peugeot" Museum

Original name: 
Musée de l'Aventure Peugeot

The museum was founded on the initiative of the association "L'Aventure Peugeot", founded in 1982. Its president, Pierre Peugeot, set his main missions at that time to identify
and bring together the different types of manufactured products since 1810 under the Peugeot brand, to take part in events concerning old vehicles or to organize meetings of old cars, in particular.

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Savigny-les Beaune Castle Museum

Original name: 
Musée du Château de Savigny

There are a few motoring museums in this nice castle, including a motorcycle collection of 250 bikes from 1902-1960 and an important selection of Abarth cars.

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Robert Keyaerts' Cadillac Museum

Original name: 
Musée Cadillac Robert Keyaerts

Robert Keyaerts, a late Belgian industrialist amassed the biggest collection of Cadillac cars outside North America. There are also Bentley and Rolls-Royce cars housed in an old castle.

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Maurice Dufresne Museum

Original name: 
Musée Maurice Dufresne

"Maurice Dufresne, established his museum in Azay-le-Rideau in the mill of Marnay, the property which in 1026 belonged to Geoffroy de l'Ile. The hydraulic workings of the mill have been maintained and can be seen functioning.
The 10,000 m2 of buildings, which house more than 3,000 antique machines and collection pieces, are found within a 67,000 m2 park of hundred-year-old trees. "

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Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition

"Our collection features over 250 antique, vintage and relevant models spanning over 114 years representing 59 different makes of motorcycles from all over the world. Founded by Trev Deeley, the exhibition represents a life-long passion for the sport of motorcycling. Through the generous support of Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada and its owners, Trev’s legacy continues and thrives."

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L'Epope de La Moto

"The Museum is the property of brothers François and Jean Gagnon and is the fruit of a long-standing passion shared by both brothers who have been collecting motorcycles for over 30 years. Their goal is to assemble a collection containing specimens from each period. Today, their exceptional collection contains 140 motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, of which 100 are currently on display."

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Le Grand Atelier, Museum of Arts and Industry

Original name: 
Le Grand Atelier, musée d'art et d'industrie

Formerly known as the Musee Auto Moto Velo, this collection is housed in a former armaments factory. The collection illustrate the history of cars, bicylces, motorcycles and scooters in everday life. Cars are ranging from rarities, like a 1893 Panhard&Levassor, a 1929 Voisin C14, a 1953 Longchamp prototype from Coucy, but it also includes a Ford Model T and a Citroen 2CV. There are also French-made scooters and motorcycles.

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