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The Marazzato Group has been involved since 1952 in offering solutions to environmental problems of industries, public administration and national utilities. With an annual turnover of over 32 million euros, the Group is today a recognized leader throughout the country in the sectors of waste management, remediation and prompt environmental intervention
The passion for work and a long history led the group president, Carlo Marazzato, to create a collection of industrial vehicles. Among the important pieces are an Isotta Fraschini D 65, built in the 1940s, which has been restored in the Marazzato Group Workshop. Also there's a Fiat 642 N 65 R, built in 1961, which was one of the first vehicles used for purging and cleaning of biological pits. The OM Tigrotto 55 N from 1970, equipped with a fire engine dating back to the 1970s, should also be mentioned.


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