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Motor Museum in Memory of Keren Sahar

מוזיאון הרכב ע"ש קרן סהר
An old agricultural building in Kibbutz Eyal hides a hidden treasure. Within this building resides one of the most amazing collections of vintage cars in the country. The collection mainly features British automobiles from the 1930s and 40s. A stunning two-tone Jaguar pre-dating the country ( 1946 ) and a 1930 MG Midget sports car ( believe it or not, it’s made of cloth stretched over it’s ashframe ), are just two of the surprises that await you. Mr. Uri Sahar, the museum’s founder and owner has vast knowledge on the subject and is quite content to share it along with spell binding anecdotes. The museum features an ever-growing library

Eyal Kibbutz

+972 52-373-2870