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Museums in Netherlands

Healey Museum

In the Healey Museum we will take you back in time. Into the rich history of Healey sports cars. We will show you a number of unique Healeys. For example a so called Works 3000 Healey that was specially built by the Healey factory to write history on the circuit of Sebring ! Off course there is a lot of attention for all models that were developed by the Donald Healey Motor Company (from Sprites to Big Healeys). Also the earliest Healeys receive a prominent place in the collection.

Healey Museum

Metropole Druten

"Metropole Druten houses a unique collection of exclusive cars: vintage cars, young timers and sports cars. This special private collection is the result of years of worldwide search for classic, vintage and exclusive cars by entrepreneur Frans van Haren. This varied collection comprises around 100 models of famous car brands from the past and present: sports cars, chic limousines, convertibles, racing cars, muscle cars up to and including the tiny classic cars.


NZH Public Transport Museum

NZH Vervoer Maatschappij (NZH Public Transport Company) has an established name since 1881. From the very start a leading entrepreneur in the public transport sector. Unfortunately recent far reaching developments and many changes have put this to a halt. Fortunately some people realized that NZH has become a relevant of our history. These people started to collect and preserve all kind of objects and artefacts related to NZH’s history. Their efforts allowed the NZH Public Transport Museum Foundation to arrange for u to see what course history has taken in the public transport sector.

NZH Vervoer Museum