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Museums in Netherlands

Overloon War Museum

War belongs in the museum. That is the motto of the War Museum Overloon. The War Museum Overloon presents the history of the Second World War. Here you see how it can be that in five years’ time more than fifty million people lost their lives, but also how the oppressed people resourcefully coped with restrictions and shortages

Oorlogsmuseum Overloon

The Dutch Corvette Collection

Andre Boer is a well known authority and collector of Chevrolet Corvettes. Over the last 35 years he amassed over eighty Corvettes in a privately owned museum. The collection includes every year of Corvette made. It also includes almost every special edition made for the public, such as the anniversary editions, collector’s editions, ZR1 Corvettes, all the Pace Car Corvettes, the first ever Euro spec pre-production C6 Z06, a Duntov Mark of Excellence ’67 427-435HP convertible and lots of other special Corvettes.


Visscher Museum

In November 2022, the "Museum Visscher Classique" opened its doors in the Dutch city of Buren (province of Gelderland). Around 80 years of automotive history are on display with a focus on French brands. This in turn is related to the family history of the museum's founder, Henk Visscher. His father had been an agent for Simca since 1961, to which the Peugeot and Citroën brands were subsequently added. Henk later took over his father's business and began to build up a car collection.

Museum Vischer Classique