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Museums in Japan

Honda Collection Hall

Honda's own collection is housed at the Twin Ring Motegi track. The Hall, which displays approximately 350 restored motorcycles, automobiles, power products and racing machines, illustrates the history of Honda and the technologies that Honda has developed over the years.

Honda Collection Hall

Iwashita Collection

The Iwashita Collection is a Museum Complex combines a reproduction of nostalgic town in the Showa Era, a museum displays vintage motorcycles from all over the world and a museum shows European stained glasses. Special event "Ken Takakura Movie Posters" is being held during the campaign. - Visit Japan 2010


Mazda Museum

"The Museum offers an overview of Mazda's history, a look into the technology of its automobiles, and the prospects for its future developments. The tour also passes through an actual vehicle assembly line. Multiple models are on the assembly line, so visitors can see a variety of different cars being made. At the end of the tour there is a shop featuring Mazda goods. The tour takes 90 minutes from start to finish" - says Japan Guide


Mitsubishi Auto Gallery

The Mitsubishi Auto Gallery (MAG) was established in 1989 at the Passenger Car Engineering Center to familiarize you with the various Mitsubishi passenger cars produced past and present, beginning with produced in 1917, as well as their developmental history. In the space of approx.1100 square meters, the MAG clearly introduces the history of Mitsubishi passenger cars and Mitsubishi's production concepts which have been applied to today's high performance vehicles.

Mitsubishi Auto Gallery

Nasu Classic Car Museum

Seichi Watanabe's small but colorful collection, which includes a 1901 De Dion Bouton, a 1910 Fuller and the record-breaking 1930 MG EX120, an eclectic bunch of US power machines (Corvette, Mustang, Buick convertible, Hudson coupe), red European sports models (Ferrari Dino 264GT, Alfa Romeo 2000 Spyder, Porsche 356B roadster, Jaguar E-Type, Daimler SP250 roadster) and examples of practical transport (Holden, Morris Minor, Fiat 500, Citroen 2CV)