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Museums in Japan

Sepia Collection

This private collection looks more like a warehouse, but it is chock full of highly interesting Japanese machinery, including several kei cars (Japanese microcars), like NJ, Cony, Mazda R360 etc., a Mazda Cosmo Sport, a Daihatsu Fellow Buggy and lots of others

Soichiro Honda Craftsmanship Center

The Soichiro Honda Craftsmanship Center is a place meant to honor the achievements of Soichiro Honda, who was born and raised in Komyo Village in the district of Iwata, Shizuoka Prefecture (now Tenryu Ward in Hamamatsu City), and communicate them widely to the public while informing people of the personality and craftsman's spirit of the man Soichiro Honda.

Subaru Visitor Centre

At the Subaru Visitor Center, visitors to the Yajima Plant for plant tour and other purposes will be provided with a comprehensible explanation about Subaru's brand philosophy and identity as well as the brand's history and unique technologies. The two-story 3,203-square-meter building houses an entrance atrium where Subaru's major technologies are exhibited, an orientation hall that seats 204 people, an exhibition hall that serves as a multipurpose space capable of exhibiting up to 14 Subaru cars, the technology laboratory where visitors can learn about Subaru's unique technologies, and the r

Suzuki History Museum

"As you walk through Suzuki Plaza, you walk through the different stages in Suzuki's history, represented by the many different products the company has made over the years, as well as an exhibit showing a modern production line for cars"