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Museums in Finland

South Karelian Car Museum

Situated on Highway 6, the South Karelian Motor Museum was founded in 1990 and is owned by the Classic Motor Vehicles of South Karelia Association. The permanent exhibition, which is spread over two floors, features motor vehicles from the 1920s to the 1970s. The upstairs exhibition area houses old cars along with motor cycles. The ground floor exhibition on the other hand displays the special features of the museum, such as a 1920s Model T Ford, and a car that used to belong to Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother.

Etelä-Karjalan Automuseo

Toivonen Animal Park and the Peasant Museum

Matti Toivonen, who ran a car and tractor dismantling shop used to set aside the most interesting pieces. This former scrapyard is now a museum showing complete and partially dismantled cars and tractors made between 1930-1980, as well as an impossible amount of spare parts and other items from the field in shelves and warehouses.

But this is just a small part of the whole complex, which also includes an animal park, and a complete museum village

Toivosen Eläinpuisto ja talonpojanmuseo

Vaasa Car and Engine Museum

The Vaasa Car and Motorcycle Museum is Finland's largest private car museum. The Vaasa Car and Engine Museum offers three floors of exhibitions. Apart from cars, we have a large collection of motorbikes, mopeds, bicycles, land motors, model aircrafts and much more. The museum has something to offer for everyone – not only those interested in cars and engines!

Vaasan Auto- ja Moottorimuseo

Woikoski Car Museum

The Woikoski Car Museum is renowned for its colourful guided tours. Come and hear our guide reveal the stories behind the cars. The history of the vehicles in the museum’s unique collection is part of the history of Oy Woikoski Ab as well as its owner family, the Palmbergs. Some of the cars in the museum have been in the company’s ownership since the 1930s. The stories of the cars are also closely tied to the history and development of Finland. Cars have been instrumental in driving the country forward.

Woikosken Automuseo