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Woikoski Car Museum

Woikosken Automuseo
Woikosken Automuseo

The Woikoski Car Museum is renowned for its colourful guided tours. Come and hear our guide reveal the stories behind the cars. The history of the vehicles in the museum’s unique collection is part of the history of Oy Woikoski Ab as well as its owner family, the Palmbergs. Some of the cars in the museum have been in the company’s ownership since the 1930s. The stories of the cars are also closely tied to the history and development of Finland. Cars have been instrumental in driving the country forward. Meanwhile, on the racing side, the Jyväskylä Grand Prix that preceded today's Neste Rally Finland was once something completely different. In the museum, you will also see top racing moments and gems from years gone by. The museum is part of the Woikoski Feeling complex.


Nurmaankyläntie 90
52960 Nurmaa

+358 40 656 5981