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Mutare Museum's Vintage Car Collection

Mutare Museum was initially established by local enthusiasts as the Umtali Museum Society in 1954, before becoming a National Museum in 1959 and will always be indebted for its most spectacular collection of vintage cars, motorbikes and wagons, coaches and steam engines donated to the Museum by local enthusiastic collectors and the first Honorary Curator, Captain E. F. Boultbee

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Morocco National 4x4 Auto Museum

The Morocco National Auto Museum is dedicated to mainly off-road vehicles. You can see around 30 cars.

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Republican Palace Museum

The Presidential Palace Museum is one of the important museums in Khartoum. It contains historical references to the Presidential Palace, the ruling periods of governments in Sudan, during the successive historical periods of Sudan’s modern history. The museum also has many other archaeological and heritage collections. It is the first museum of its kind to refer to the rulers of Sudan from 1884 to 2007.

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Uganda Museum

Venerable cultural heritage museum, founded in 1908, with ethnography & natural history collections including exhibition about sport, oil and presidential limousines. Among the collections in the Uganda Museum are playable musical instruments, hunting equipment, weaponry, archaeology and entomology etc.

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National Museum and House of Culture in Tanzania

Original name: 
Museum in Dar es Salaam

Established in 1934, this museum's exhibits are focused on the history of Tanzania & its people.
For vintage auto aficionados, there’s a small special collection, including the Rolls-Royce used first by the British colonial government and later by Julius Nyerere. The new extension, the House of Culture, provides an educational resource centre, a contemporary concert venue and a display area for contemporary art. Total of 6 cars used by presidents or colonial government.

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Swakopmund Museum

The Swakopmund Museum was founded in 1951 by dentist Dr. Alfons Weber. It is the largest privately run museum in Namibia. On display are various types of indigenous plants, animals, minerals, an archaeological exhibition, the transport system of old and a variety of cultural historical objects. One of a kind and educational is the exhibition “People of Namibia.” This focuses on the traditional heritage of the different ethnic groups of Namibia.

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Ironclad Museum of Military Technology

Original name: 
Vojenská technika Ironclad ,z.s.

Ironclad Museum of Military technology exhibits vehicles, equipment, weapons, light equipment, uniforms, models and other artifacts, including the participation of soldiers in UN missions. You will also compare the rank designations and the development of uniforms in time from the Czechoslovak Army to the current Czech Army. You can also see and compare the equipment of individual components of the army,
The exhibition is also complemented by thematic video clips and interactive exhibits.

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Csepel Trucks Factory Museum

Original name: 
Csepel Autó Gyártmánymúzeum

The former factory of Csepel Trucks has been converted to an industrial park, but the heritage is being kept alive.

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Cloverlands Model Car Museum

Cloverlands Model Car Museum houses 4000 historic model cars in the Montgomery Institute what makes it one of the biggest model car collection.

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The Postal Museum London

The Postal Museum reveals the surprising and fascinating story of the first social network and makes this extraordinary collections available and enjoyable for all.
With over 8,000 objects from vans and bicycles to iconic phone and post boxes. Collection, from an art deco mobile post office to why you should hug pillar boxes.

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