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Vintage Garage, Dnieper

Original name: 
Винтаж Гараж

Valery Petrovich Prokofyev's collection of motorcycles and cars.

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Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre Motorcycle Museum

Casterbridge Lifestyle Centre is a unique lifestyle destination with tranquil gardens, quirky independent shops, fantastic entertainment spoils, a boutique hotel and fitness centre all just 40 minutes from the Kruger National Park which also includes a newly opened motorcycles museums with motorcycles, scale models and other memorabilia.

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The Motor Museum at Casterbridge

The museum displays an impressive range of classic cars and does restoration work for collectors.

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Terra Technica

Terra Technica is part of the Excalibur City entertainment centre on the border between Czech Republic and Austria. It is claimed to be the world's largest museum of jukeboxes and pinball machines. There are a few classic cars and scooters as part of the display as well.

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Del Val Brothers' Classic Car Museum

Original name: 
Museo de Coches Antiguos Hermanos del Val

This collection of cars created by the brothers Carlos and Demetrio del Val has been opened to the public since 2003 thanks to a collaboration agreement with the Andújar City Council. It has about 60 vehicles of various brands from before the war, among which there are authentic rarities such a Delaunay Belleville from 1907 that belonged to Tsar Nicholas.

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Aguinaga Mercedes-Benz Museum

Original name: 
Museo Aguinaga Mercedes-Benz

With about 30 cars, the Aguinaga Mercedes-Benz Museum is not the biggest, but this is one of those collections exhibited with care and taste even in the smallest details. A true delicacy for the eyes and therefore also suitable for those family and friends who can accompany us without necessarily being car enthusiasts.

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Germans Vilanova Gevicar-Gentlemendrive Collection

Original name: 
Col·lecció Germans Vilanova Gevicar-Gentlemendrive

The collection was born at the end of the 1970s when the brothers Josep and Salvador Vilanova, Catalan textile entrepreneurs, took over two old cars to collect part of a debt from a delinquent client. Over the years and due to a growing passion,the Collection gained in quantity and quality, becoming one of the best private collections in the country. Today the collection consists of more than 50 vehicles in perfect working order. Prestigious brands of such as Hispano-Suiza, RollsRoyce, Bugatti, Packard, Cord...etc

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"La Virée d'Antan" Museum

Original name: 
La Virée d'Antan Musée - Musée de la Locomotion

No less than 80 vehicles are on display in the setting of a fully reconstructed village. These cars, dating from 1900 to 1980, allow us to retrace the history and the spectacular technological developments that the automobile industry has undergone over all these years.

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Open-Air Fire Museum, Budapest

Original name: 
Tűzoltó Skanzen

The Hungarian Disaster Management Office (Országos Katasztrófavédelem) opened an open-air museum on the yard of the Újpest fire barracks during September, 2020. You can see plenty of fire engines which were made in Hungary by MÁVAG, Csepel.

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Brij Maharaj Auto Museum

To preserve the automotive collection of Brij Maharaj in perpetuity while seeking to add to the collection’s ability to teach and conserve local heritage. The museum is also devoted to educating the general public on principles of motor heritage conservation, national heritage preservation and positive life values.

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