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Toyota has endured the ups and downs of the automotive industry and has proved itself to be an auto manufacturer that is here to stay. This exhibit, sponsored by Elk Grove Toyota, explores the many different genres of automotive design and technology that are the foundation of Toyota's history. Some of the vehicles on exhibit will include a 1959 Toyopet Crown, a Prius Plug-In Hybrid, a 1967 2000 GT, a desert off-road race truck, and an IRL Indy race car. Come see the story of one of the greatest car manufacturers that is still thriving in the industry today!

On Friday, July 16th...

An Estonian Race Car Exhibition is being hosted at the Autoworld Museum in Brussels, Belgium between 22 June and August, 31.

Displayed are seven racers: three Estonia 21.10's, one Estonia 22, and one Esttec 894.

On Saturday 8 May, the Volvo Museum opens its doors for its traditional annual Activities Day. At the same time, there will be celebrations to mark the fact that it is 15 years since the museum was inaugurated in its spacious Arendal premises.

Over the past 15 years, the first-class collection of historic Volvo vehicles has grown steadily and currently encompasses more than 100 cars, trucks, buses and construction vehicles, as well as a large number of marine...

-The California Automobile Museum's newest exhibit will feature cars that were created in California but have been celebrated in movies, songs and popular culture across the country and around the world for a half-century.

The exhibit, Drive Fast, Take Chances: Birth of the Hot Rod is sponsored by So-Cal Speed Shop, Sacramento and runs April 10 through July 5. It explores the hot rod culture that grew out of the dry lakebeds of California in the post-World War II years and ultimately spread to drag strips and back roads, as well as burger drive-ins and street cruises, such as the...

See the incredible role the automobile played in shaping how we play in a new exhibit at the National Automobile Museum, The Harrah Collection, in downtown Reno starting April 20, 2010.

The new Masterpiece Exhibit, "Motoring Tourist: National Parks Adventure" will allow Museum visitors to see the role the 1910s automobile-loving public played in the creation of a National Park-to-Park Highway.

New National Playgrounds

During the early part of the 20th century, fabulous National Parks with romantic vistas, extraordinary waterfalls, gigantic trees, and amazing fishing...

Hans Ledwinka, from Austria, has been considered as one of Europe's most distinguished automobile designers. Over the years his name became a synonym for pioneer, researcher and visionary.

He developed a lot of various Tatra cars and was one of the true fathers of the Volkswagen Beetle.

This travelling show by the Tatra Museum in Koprivnice shows the life and work of this genius.

The exhibition closes in May, 2010.

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