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Museum of Arms and Military

Muzeum Broni i Militariów
The museum is the only institution of this type operating on the basis of the Regulations of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, under the patronage of the Ministry of National Defense, which constantly and dynamically cooperates with the institution, providing visitors with ever new gems, while enlarging the collection of over 2,000 exhibits. Among the copies donated by the army we can admire, among others: T-72 tank, airplanes: MIG-21, SU 22, Iskra, self-propelled gun, so-called. "Carnation". The exhibition is complemented by private collections, including Weapon: short and long-range shooters, rifles, automatic, anti-tank weapons, several transporters, light and armored, and more than 20 cannons, as well as radio stations, launchers, cars, motorcycles and many, many more.
Opening times: 10 AM to 6 PM

Witoszów Dolny 7A
58-100 Świdnica